This simple, but stylish glass vase is one of our new arrivals here at anythingradioactive. It has a simple tapering design with a fluted edge on top and can, we guess, be used for putting flowers in. It is in very good condition and an ideal addition to any collector.

It lights up quite nicely and we will throw in one of our small UV torches to do so.

Condition: A1/2
Size: 14cm high x 13cm at widest point

Weight: 593grm

cpm* 26

*cpm reading shown on items is a very (very) approximate indication of the object's relative activity, measured over a 2-minute period, using a GMC-320 Plus Geiger counter, in contact with the surface of the item.

The background count at the location where the readings are taken is typically between 9 and 15 cpm

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Uranium Glass Vase - New Arrival £30 inc UK p&p

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