• Just arrived - 3 piece Art Deco Dressing Table Set

Just arrived: this 3 piece Art Deco Dressing Table set is a rare find for anythingradioactive.

You get 2 candlesticks, each measuring 9.5xm wide x 19cm high and weighing in at 349g per stick.

The plate which has a fluted edge and the traditional star pattern measures 23cm wide x 32cm long and weighs in at an impressive 1kg. Its condition is fair but the dish has a very slight chip on one of the edges, but we feel this doesn't distract from its overall appearance.

This set has a more opaque look compared to the usual UV glass but it still gives off quite a glow and we will throw in one of our small UV LED torches to light it up.

As always, this item is available to UK sellers only due to its very fragile nature.

Condition rating: B1 (please refer to our Condition Table.)

Counts per minute:

Plate: 340

Candlestick 1: 66

Candlestick 2 : 68

GMC cpm reading shown on items is a very (very) approximate indication of the object's relative activity, measured over a 2-minute period, using a GMC-320 Geiger counter, in contact with the surface of the item.

The background count at the location where the readings are taken is typically between 9 and 15 cpm

Condition Table

A 1/2 no chips or cracks but some wear marks commensurate with age

B 1/2 Some surface marks, wear or scratches overall good condition

C 1/2 one or two minor chips or scratches, more noticeable surface wear

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Just arrived - 3 piece Art Deco Dressing Table Set

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