• 95 LED UV Flashlight  LAST ONE (Silver)

We’ve dubbed this one the 'Ultra Beast'; it is exclusive to anythingradioactive and our biggest UV torch to date! Up front there are no less than 95 super-bright, 395 nanometer ultraviolet LEDs, each one rated at an average of 2000mcd. This has to be one of the largest LED arrays on any UV torch currently available, anywhere. The beam head measures an imposing 75mm in diameter, narrowing down to 36mm for the machined handgrip/battery holder and the overall length is around 295mm. Surprisingly, all up weight, with a full set of batteries on board, is just 600 grams, but don’t let that fool you. It’s no lightweight when it comes to durability; the body and beam head are made, nay hewn, from tough but light aircraft-grade alloy and all joints are protected by rubber O-rings, to prevent the ingress of moisture and contaminents.

Power is supplied by three standard 1.5 volt D cells, installed and removed through a rear-mounted screw cap. It’s easy to operate as well, with just one rubber covered push button switch, close to the front, for the on/off function.


Okay, we hear you ask, what on earth are you going to do with such a fearsome and formidable flashlight? Well, as with all of our UV torches, the fun begins in your wallet with ultraviolet light’s singular ability to make the invisible, visible. Shine it at your banknotes, credit cards, passport and many official documents to check that they are real by making the hidden security marks glow brightly. As any crime scene investigator, hotel inspector and rodent controller knows, UV light also does a great job of showing up bodily fluids and organic substances. If you want to give yourself the heebie-jeebies, or confirm just how clean you and your family really are, shine it around your bathroom or toilet. Now we get to the really interesting stuff: you can use a UV torch outdoors for finding golf balls and scorpions - we kid you not! They’re great for testing antiques like uranium or Vaseline glassware and making all sorts of luminous stuff glow. Here’s a new one we’ve recently discovered; UV light shows up all the bits you missed after decorating ceilings and walls with emulsion paint. The list goes on and we’re constantly coming across new applications, and just think how impressed your family, friends and neighbours will be when they see you wielding this monster!

As an added bonus we will include a FREE pair of UV protective safety glasses with this torch (style may vary, depending on stocks) as well as 2 of our deep green Uranium marbles to get you started.  

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95 LED UV Flashlight LAST ONE (Silver)

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