Just for you, we have found this highly decorative Dressing Table Set, featuring the Dressing Tray, 1 large pot, & 2 small pots (all with lids)  & small dish.

These are in very good condition and we have no hesitation in giving them an A1 condition and weigh in at 1.45kg.

We will send you a small UV torch to light it up.

cpm reading: 215

Condition: A1

Sizes: Dressing tray - 27.5 x 17cm; Large Pot - 5cm x 8cm; 2 Small Pots - 6.5cm x 3.5cm; small dish - 7.5cm

Cpm reading shown on items is a very (very) approximate indication of the object's relative activity, measured over a 2-minute period, using a GMC300/320 Geiger counter, in contact with the surface of the item.

Please Note: All Uranium glass items are UK sales only - NO EXCEPTIONS - due to the fragile state of the glass plus it may set alarms off somewhere...

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5 Piece Uranium Glass Dressing Table Set £34.99 inc UK p&p. UK SALES ONLY

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  • £34.99