We have a set of 6 Uranium Glass Desert Plates. They are in very good condition and are highly decorated with a fluted edge.

A set like this doesn't turn up that often, so don't delay! We don't recommend using them to put food on, but they are still worth having... We will include one of our small UV torches to light them up...

cpm reading: 110

Condition: A1

Size: 14.5cm

Cpm reading shown on items is a very (very) approximate indication of the object's relative activity, measured over a 2-minute period, using a GMC-300/320+Geiger counter, in contact with the surface of the item.

Please Note: All Uranium glass items are UK sales only - NO EXCEPTIONS - due to the fragile state of the glass plus it may set alarms off somewhere...

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Uranium Glass Desert Plates - Set of 6

  • Product Code: Set of Desert plates
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  • £22.99