Brand new to the bunker - a highly decorated Uranium glass cake stand measuring 25cm x 2.5cm high. We don't recommend actually putting a cake on this, but is still a great item to own.

cpm reading: 252

Condition: A few very slight surface scratches - nothing awful - we feel it is still worth an A1/2 grade.

Cpm reading shown on items is a very (very) approximate indication of the object's relative activity, measured over a 2-minute period, using a GMC-300/320+Geiger counter, in contact with the surface of the item.

Please Note: All Uranium glass items are UK sales only - NO EXCEPTIONS - due to the fragile state of the glass plus it may set alarms off somewhere...

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Decorative Uranium Glass Cake Stand - £29.99 inc UK p&p

  • Product Code: Decorative Cake Stand
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  • £29.99