• Mini torch

That unmistakably eerie green glow is coming from a 15mm Uranium Glass bead, fluorescing under Ultra Violet light coming from a miniature UV LED torch. Both items are supplied in a custom ‘test tube’ holder, which has its own flourescent label!!

Uranium Glass, (also known as Vaseline and Depression glass) has been made for more than 2000 years and contains trace amounts of Uranium Oxide. It is very mildly radioactive but this is only detectable on the most sensitive instruments, where it registers very slightly above normal background levels and is not considered hazardous. The sleek metal Mini keyring UV torch, measures just 10mm x 45mm and is powered by 4 LR41 button cells (supplied).

It can also be used to check ‘invisible’ security marks on banknotes and credit cards and, of course, verifying antique Uranium and Vaseline glass objects.

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Mini torch

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