• 51 LED UV Torch

Immediate UK despatch on this amazing torch which has no less than 51 (count ‘em) ultraviolet LEDs, making it the most powerful UV torch in our range. It’s also one of the toughest, hewn from heavy-duty aluminium; it’s water and shock resistant. The UV wavelength is in the range 390 to 395 nanometers, which covers all of the usual forensic applications (great for revealing bodily fluids, rodent contamination and so on…) but it’s also perfect for lighting up Uranium and Vaseline glass, highlighting ‘invisible’ UV markers on banknotes, credit cards to check their authenticity and the 1001 other uses that these torches can be put to.

For the record its vital statistics are length 145mm, beamhead diameter 55mm, body diameter 40mm and weight, without batteries 300g. Requires 3 x AA batteries.Comes with 1 of our deep green Uranium marbles to light up.

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51 LED UV Torch

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