• 41 LED UV Torch

It's one of our most powerful ultra violet torches with 41 UV LEDs! They’re arranged in two banks; press the button once and the central 21 bulbs light up. If you need a boost, press the button again and the outer ring of 20 bulbs fire up as well. Of course it can be used to check antique vaseline glass, light up the security strips, and check the validity of banknotes and credit cards. But a torch this bright has plenty of other uses, from revealing dirt and contaminants in your kitchen and bathroom - and you would be surprised what you’ll find, even in the cleanest of houses - to serious forensic investigation and checking 'hand stamps' at clubs and bars. We will also throw in 1 of our deep green Uranium marbles to light up...

Remarkably the torch is powered by just four AAA cells; it’s really tough, made of heavy-duty alloy throughout and it’s water-resistant too.

*Finish of torch may differ from image shown

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41 LED UV Torch

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