• 405nm Blue Laser Pointer £12.00

Whooa! If you want to see your uranium glass glow up to 100 times brighter than with regular UV torch then you should check out our blue laser pointers. These put out a visible blue beam with a wavelength of 405 nanometers, which is perfect for making uranium or Vaseline glass fluoresce, and to prove it we’ll include 1 of our deep green Uranium marbles to light up. Our photos don’t do it justice; the eerie purple glow is really bright, even though the laser’s output is just 1mW and well within the current legal limit. Even so, you should observe the usual safety precautions with lasers.

It’s also really good at at spinning our Crookes Radiometer (much better than a normal torch) and ideal for checking Uranium glass in antique shops and markets and it’ll even show up the security features in banknotes and credit cards (though not as well as the less concentrated beams of our UV torches).

This laser pointer has a two tone, soft feel rubber coated barrel. It has a handy pocket clip and is powered by 2 x AAA cells. Length is 150mm with a diameter of 8.5mm and all up weight, including batteries, is just 64g.


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405nm Blue Laser Pointer £12.00

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