STS 802 Ionising Radiation Simulator, £900 inc. UK Shipping

Unless you’re in the nuclear biz you probably won’t have come across one of these before, or ever likely to again, since they are only rarely seen in the wild. So what on earth is it? The quick answer is a training Geiger Counter, used to safely demonstrate how to use a proper Geiger counter, seek out sources of contamination, take samples and so on, but without exposing users to potentially harmful radioactive materials.
How it works is also pretty straightforward. That’s a full-spec Mini Monitor 900 mounted on top of a box called the electronics pack. The only difference with a real Mini Monitor 900 with a Type 44A scintillation probe, is the probe. STS 802 has a simulated probe, a similar size and weight to the real thing and fitted with a vapour sensor and a small fan, instead of radioactivity detection devices.
The outfit comes with two non-radioactive ‘sources’. LS1 is a Liquid Simulated Radiation Source and SS4 is a white powder or Solid Simulated Radiation Source. Both are essentially safe, very low toxicity materials (full safety data supplied). These substances give off an invisible vapour. It mimics the effect of a weak radioactive source and safely dissipates within a few hours leaving no harmful residues. The probe is connected by cable to the electronic pack. The fan draws in vapour past the sensor and the circuitry inside the pack generates a stream of pulses, which are proportionate in frequency to vapour density. The pulses are then passed to the Mini 900’s probe input and a reading is displayed on the meter.
Between them the two sources effectively replicate radioactive contamination on a very wide range of materials and surfaces, safely demonstrating how radioactive contamination can spread, techniques used to locate sources, take swabs and practice decontamination procedures. 
The Mini Monitor 900 is secured to the base unit by three small bolts. It is easily detached and, if required, re-purposed as a full-spec Mini Monitor 900 by fitting a suitable probe. Power requirements for the Mini Monitor 900 are exactly the same as the standard instrument, namely six 1.5-volt AA cells The base unit runs off a 9v PP3 type battery.  
The outfit comes with 10 push-button spray canisters of LS1 liquid. Please note that three of them are half to three-quarters full; the rest probably have only a few puffs left. There is also a screw-top pot of SS4 powder; this is roughly a third to half full. There are 8 replacement vapour sensors and a removal key. All of the sensors are functional though the sensitivity of some of them does appear to be a little below par. Original user and operating manuals for both the STS 802 Mini Monitor 900 are included and the whole shebang is securely contained inside a custom fitted carry case.
The overall condition of the instrument, case and contents is very good indeed. There is just one noticeable scuffmark on the Mini 900, close to where the probe is mounted but overall there are very few signs of use and it is very clean with no scratches or marks. The Mini Monitor 900 has been fully tested with a scintillation probe and the ratemeter will be checked and adjusted using MI calibration protocols immediately prior to dispatch.


By The Numbers

  • Overall Dimensions: 190 x 110 x 180mm
  • Mini Monitor 900 Dimensions 180 x 110 x 115
  • Overall Weight: 2kg (Mini Monitor 900 1kg)
  • Power requirements: Mini Monitor 6 x AA cells or optional DC adaptor’s STS electronic pack 9v PP3 type battery
  • Dimensions Simulated 44A probe 180 x 50mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • LS1/SS4 ‘Source’ chemical: Perfluorcarbon
  • LS1 detection: 0-0.5 cm up to 1000 cps
  • LS1 dissipation: detectable up to 6-8 hours, no reading after 12-24 hours
  • SS4 detection: similar to LS1 but capable of wider distribution
  • SS4 dissipation: 0.3kg detectable for up to 2 hours, 0cps after 4 hours


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STS 802 Ionising Radiation Simulator, £900 inc. UK p&p

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