Not only is this a classic Bond Gadget, it's also a great gift for the person that has everything! This is a sophisticated radiation monitor in the shape of a wristwatch - and it tells the time, too! You may have spotted something similar elsewhere in anythingradioactive, that’s because this Gamma Master Watch is identical to the Polimaster 1208, but with a twist. It comes in a custom designed miniature ‘radioactive waste’ container and, for good measure, you’ll also get a second ‘rubberised’ strap which you can swap with the high quality metal bracelet. 
Because of its similarity to the Polimaster watch we’ll move swiftly on through the features and specs; if you want to know more click the link above. Essentially it is designed to monitor the wearer’s exposure to Gamma and X-Ray radiation, displaying a constantly updated Dose Equivalent (DE) reading in microsieverts per hour, and the accumulated long-term Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) in milliseiverts. In other words that’s how much gamma (and X-Ray) radiation you are being exposed to right now, and how much you have been exposed to, over a period of time.
In both modes the wearer can set an alarm threshold that sounds an audible alert. This can be set low enough to let you know if the local radiation field rises above normal background levels, or high enough to let you know it's time make a hasty retreat! Clearly this is the sort of thing that anyone involved in the radiation business might find useful (nuclear industries, X-Ray & radiological medicine, first responders and security, military, airline pilots etc.). There is also a very good case for others who may come into contact with naturally occurring and man-made radioactive materials having one of these, like geologists, mineralogists, miners, antique dealers and collectors, watch repairers, even kitchen installers - did you know granite worktops may contain naturally occurring traces of uranium? In fact this watch is for anyone curious or concerned about their environment, and want's something different to standard-issue bling and shiny show-off watches.

Did we mention that it also tells the time? This involves an accurate Swiss-made quartz analogue movement with luminous hands as well as a digital quartz LCD display, showing hours, minutes, seconds, day, month and year, plus a daily alarm function. You can see what’s happening in the dark thanks to an electroluminescent back-light, and the stylish stainless steel case is water-resistant and rated for depths of up to 100 metres (328 feet) for short periods.
As you can see it’s a little thicker than a normal watch; that’s because it contains a Geiger Müller tube detector, sensitive to Gamma and X-Ray radiation. To round off the key features, the Gamma Master’s LCD display has analogue bargraph indicators showing approximate percentage of DE and DER in relation to thresholds, a low battery indicator, full-function reset button, switchable alarm mute. It is fitted with a high quality metal strap (an alternative rubber strap and extra bracelet links are also included) and it comes with the original English instructions.
Please note that this item is an ex-display model, hence the very fair price! It has only been worn briefly, to take photographs and carry out tests. It is in virtually as-new condition save for some very light scuff marks on the side of the case that are only visible close up it may even be possible to polish them out.   
The Technical Stuff:
Energy Range                                        0.066 - 1.5MeV
Detector Type                                       Geiger Müller tube
DER Indication & Threshold range    0.01 to 4,000 µSv/hr
DER Indication Accuracy                      +/- 30 %
DE Indication & Threshold Range       0.01 to 9999.99 mSv
DE Indication Accuracy                          +/- 25 %                              
Alarm types                                               Audible & visual
Battery type                                              1 x CR2032 (supplied)
Battery Life                                                Min 12 months from new battery installation
Operating range                                       -50 to + 50 degrees C
Weight                                                         196g with metal bracelet
Approximate Dimensions                       52 x 20mm (without strap)


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Gamma Master Radiation Monitor Watch - Just 1 available!!

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