Thanks to the marvels of – deep breath – a catalysed chemiluminescent reaction (don’t worry, it’s the stuff used in glowsticks…) these rather eye-catching drinks coasters may amuse or petrify your family, friends and guests the next time you serve up their favourite brew.

Just open the sealed pack containing the light source, bend it to snap the chemical ampules inside, give it a shake and pop it into the base of the 80mm coaster. It will emit that eerie ‘radioactive’ green glow, back-lighting the ‘Trefoil’ radioactive symbol, for over 2 days. The chemicals are safely sealed inside tough plastic pouches, but in any case they’re non-toxic and definitely not radioactive.

Please remember to dispose of them thoughtfully when you are finished with them, you don’t want to be scaring anyone!   

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Glow In The Dark Radioactive Symbol Coasters £5.99 or two for £10.00 inc UK p&p

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