Bunker Bell - Super Rare Wireless Alert Device  

Here is a blast from the past!! Rummaging around in the anythingradioactive bunker recently we came across a couple of our famous Nuclear Doorbells. 

This atomically correct doorbell announces visitors to your door with 3 randomly-selected warnings. To hear them in action please click the highlighted text:

'Attention! Attention! Somebody has pressed the doorbell!'

If that's not enough, the second offering goes something like this:

'There is somebody at the door! This is not a drill!'

Bringing up the rear (and our favourite) is:


The base unit is styled around the familiar yellow and black nuclear warning symbol and the yellow panels flash when the remote doorbell button is pressed. It works at a distance of approximately 20 metres and comes with a fixing kit.

The instructions are in Dutch but we will give you an English version to make life easier. It is really easy to install (no wiring required) and, once activated, it will certainly put an end to the perennial question: ‘Was that the doorbell?’

Power Requirements. Base Unit: 3 x 1.5volt AA cells, Doorbell Button:  1 x 12volt GP23A keyfob battery

Dimensions: 20x19x1cm, weight approx 0.454kg.

These iconic portal presence notification devices are (NOS) new old stock and no longer made so these may well be the last ones left in captivity so don't miss out, stocks are extremely limited!

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Nuclear Doorbell - LAST ONE

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