It’s an anythingradioactive exclusive: a real collector’s item and something no CDV-700 owner or Geiger Counter fan can afford to miss. We have a version of our popular,3D printed, hand-finished - and as you can see - highly detailed, one-sixth (approx) scale model of the iconic CDV-700 Civil Defense Geiger counter. It's fitted with a fold-out 32 Gigabyte USB memory stick. Use it to log your data, safely transfer files or give your action figures something to hold. It’s so realistic you can almost hear it ticking…

But here's the good stuff. It comes with its own custom fitted hinged presentation cases, finished in yellow CDV livery and the instantly recognisable US Civil Defense logo. And it gets even better; the memory sticks come with with shed-loads of data **. 

This is the 32Gb PRO MODEL. It's the big one, at least as far as the files it contains. We're talking a whopping 230Mb of PDFs, consisting of 108 files split into  four broad categories: 

  • CDV USER MANUALS (covering 26 models)
  • CDV SERVICE MANUALS (25 items)
  • Windows CDV-Counter software

There's far too much to list here but you will find info and data for the famous, and not so well known makes of CDV instruments, including  ANTON, BENDIX, CHATHAM,  ENI, IEH, LANDERS FRARY & CLARK, LIONEL, JORDAN and VICTOREEN, and a treasure trove of dozens of unclassified documents, written at the height of the Cold War, covering  Fallout Shelters, Radiological Monitoring,  Medical Aspects of Radiation, Protection Against Fallout, Nuclear War Survival, and much, much more. 

PLEASE NOTE: Needless to say - but we'll say it anyway - this is NOT a working Geiger Counter, it's a one-sixth scale model, with a flip-out memory stick. The Bonus files stored on the drive mean that the usable capacity  will be slightly less than 32Gb, depending on the model.

** All of the files on the drives has been sourced from our own extensive library of manuals and literature,  public domain databases and friends and fellow enthusiasts. Our grateful thanks to everyone who contributed.

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CDV-700 USB Mini MemSticks, 32Gb, With Manuals & Software V3.0 & 3.5 £29.99 inc UK p&p

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