• Original 60's Civil Defence Handbook No 10

We have a few, original, paper copies of this essential handbook available to buy. First published in 1963, they are packed with really handy advice on what to do following the threat and in the aftermath of a nuclear attack.

We have given these a B+ grade: although their overall condition is good, there are a few rust spots/stains here and there. Mind you, we are pretty sure that this won't matter in an emergency....

All of the questions you would be dying to ask are clearly answered, including what happens after an H-Bomb explosion?, how to construct a Fall-Out room, what to do about water, food and sanitation, guarding against fire and flying glass, how to manage in the days after (sadly nothing on the zombie threat) and what to include in your fall-out shelter first aid kit (Aspirin and talcum powder are high on the list…)

We also have the modern reprinted version if you would prefer. Click here to take a look.

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Original 60's Civil Defence Handbook No 10

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