• Periodic Table Poster

Get to know the radioactive elements with this colourful and superbly well-designed Periodic table. The radioactive ones, and there are plenty to choose from, are clearly indicated with the radiation symbol. Each element on the table shows its Relative Atomic Mass, Mass Number, Chemical Name, Atomic Number, Chemical Symbol and Electron Configurations. There are also informative sidebars on the various groups (Alkali Metals, Transition Metals - or ‘D-Block’ elements), Alkaline Earth Metals, Group 4 Elements, Group 7 (The Halogens) Group 0 (Noble Gasses) plus the Structure of an Atom and a short biography of Dmitri Mendleev, the first chemist to propose the arrangement of the elements in the present day Periodic Table.


The poster measures approximately 60 x 40 cm, and is laminated with a resilient wipe-clean surface. It will be supplied in a mailing tube for secure postage anywhere in the world.

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Periodic Table Poster

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