That’s right, the unique Nite Glowring is powered by radioactivity and will emit a glow that can be seen from 30 feet away for up to 10 years. It’s perfect for finding your keys in the dark and an absolute must for campers – no more playing hunt the zip…

Doubtless you can think of 1001 other uses, but hey, it’s just amazing to watch, and great fun under the bed sheets. Don’t forget, there are no batteries to buy, ever, and it’ll still be glowing strong ten years from now. That’s a whole decade’s worth of atomic illumination for just over £1 a year!

 Here’s the science bit. Embedded inside the tough polycarbonate capsule is a tiny glass tube called a Gaseous Tritium Light Source. Inside the tube is a minute amount of radioactive Tritium gas and as it disintegrates Beta particles (essentially footloose electrons) are emitted that causes luminous material on the inside of the tube to glow – it's a bit like an old style CRT TV picture tube. The particles do not leave the glass  tube (they can only travel 1 – 3 mm in air and certainly cannot penetrate human skin).

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Nite Glowrings Blue & Green

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