Don't worry, these Firestone spark plugs may be over 70 years old but they are no longer radioactive and perfectly safe and legal to own and handle. The radioactive Polonium 210 used in the electrodes was supposed to improve engine performance and fuel consumption (apparently it didn't...) but in any event it had a short 'half life' of just 138 days, which means that three years after they were made virtually all of the radioactivity had decayed and turned into a non-radioactive isotope of lead.

We have managed to acquire a very small number of these spark plugs, some of which were discovered in a bankrupt auto parts store. They were manufactured in the USA by Firestone and come from batches dated from the early to mid 1940s.. The plugs have never been used and come with their original cardboard boxes, which will be included.

The Spark Plugs include part numbers M-60 SH-80, F-60 and F-100 types. and they have been carefully mounted inside a beautifully made domed glass presentation cases with turned and polished oak hardwood base, capped with green felt, to protect your surfaces. The domes are between 75 and 88mm high and 47mm in diameter; the base is 75mm in diameter (all measurements approximate). Where available you will also receive the printed wax paper Firestone information leaflet/wrapper supplied with these spark plugs. The condition of the spark plugs varies -- to be expected on items that can be between over 70 years old. and they are generally in very good shape. Aside from being cleaned and any signs of corrosion (mostly very minor)  removed, they are in original coindition and have not been damaged in any way. They can be removed from the mount and should you so desire, even used for their intended purpose... Once our small stock has been sold it is unlikely there will gbe any more so don't miss this incredibly rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history and WW II memorabilia, with macabre overtones...

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A Vintage Firestone 'Radioactive' Spark Plug - Very Limited Stocks

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