6993 Geiger Muller Tube

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We can supply most parts for ENI and Victoreen CD V-700 Models 6A and 6B; however, some items are in very short supply, and stocks change almost on a daily basis so if you want to check availability, place an order, ask questions, or get a shipping quote please CLICK HERE, tell us what you and where you live and the more infomation you can provide us with (make, model number etc.), the easier it will be for us to  help.


The prices shown reflect the fact that most items are original parts, from a dwindling stock, which have to be carefully removed -- generally from non-serviceable units -- thoroughly tested and graded before being put into stock. Parts listed as NOS or New Old Stock, are either genuine replacement parts that have never been used or compatible ‘as-new’ vintage parts.


Please note that due to the age of original parts we can offer no guarantees, other than replacement if found to be DOA. We also take no responsibility for any damage caused by careless fitting, incorrect alignment, breakage or overheating during soldering. Many replacement parts carry invisible or discrete security marks for yours and our protection.


The prices shown here do not include shipping due the variability in the size and weight of multiple or mixed orders. We are happy to provide quotes for a range of delivery options, including standard First and Second Class postage or Royal Mail Parcels for UK customers; plus insured airmail and courier shipping for overseas customers. Signed for and tracked services are available on all orders on request.  Please note: delivery times for overseas orders can vary considerably depending on location, so please be patient -- we can take no responsibility for delays or charges incurred by local Customs services and theft or loss from postal services outside the UK.  



Bare Top Panel/Chassis (Victoreen 6A/B only)

Grade A -- some very minor scratches, cosmetically generally good       

Out of stock

Grade B – scratches and paint chips but quite presentable                 

Out of stock

Grade C – structurally sound but tatty looking and would probably benefit from a respray            

Out of stock



Case Bottom (fits all types except Anton Model 5)

Grade A – some scratches and scuff marks, all decals intact                       

Out of stock

Grade B – deeper scratches and marks                                                          

Out of stock

Grade C – tatty, deeper scratches and possibly some dents but serviceable   

Out of stock

Grade D – poor condition, some rust, corrosion or small holes but salvageable                            

Out of stock

N.B. All check source labels were roughly removed prior to export from US so expect some possibly deep scratches around label area. Where necessary  try to minimise cosmetic damage with touch-up paint.

Case parts are also available in custom colours and finishes, please Contact Us below for detials



Gaskets, Seals and Clips

Main case sealing ring (original)                     

Out of stock

Meter gasket (modern replacement)            


Battery Retaining Clips                                    

£10.00 pair




Most types and various grades available, also modern replacements, please Contact Us for details



Original high impedance CD V-700 Headphone




Labels, Decals & Manuals

2 x CD Logo (modern waterslide scanned from original)   


2 x Warning Prevent Corrosion… (modern repro waterslide based on original)


Circuit Diagram (modern scanned repro on lightly aged paper)


Inert foil Check Source label (the genuine article but inactive - Lionel out of stock)


Reproduction check source (Anton 5/.6, ENI, Lionel & Victoreen)


CD V-700 Original Manuals - ENI/LIONEL ONLY




Case Parts & Probe

Main selector knob   (original knobs out of stock, repro 3D knobs coming soon)


Headphone jack cover/cap (with chain)


Probe support pillar


Probe cradle & fixing screws


Headphone jack panel assembly (Amphenol 75-PC-1M)


Headphone connector (Amphenol 75-PC-1F, NOS)


Probe end (tube holder ) & cable only (No GM Tube)   LIMITED STOCK PHOTO NECESSARY FOR TYPE MATCH


Probe and cable assembly (bare wire end, no tube)  


Probe cable retaining nut and grommet  


 6993 Geiger Muller Tube

Out of stock



Battery Holders & Carry Strap

Victoreen 6A/B (pair)


Yellow Carry Strap  OUT OF STOCK






Electronics (all types)

Rotary Switch (Victoreen 6A/B & ENI 6A/B only)


Rotary Switch (modern replacement) Victoreen 6A, B & ENI 6B only





Module A (PM-A)


T1 (very limited stock, price on application)


V1, 2 & 3 germanium transistors (original board pulls, short lead) 

£8.00 each

V1, 2 & 3 germanium transistors (NOS modern replacements)           

£7.00 each

CR5 Selenium rectifier (original tested)


CR5 (modern replacement silicon HV diode string)


CR7 Germanium Diode (modern replacement)


L1 choke


Most other resistors, capacitors & semiconductors available (original & modern) Contact Us below for details



Victoreen 6A/B

R5A/B  HV/Cal module (Vic 6B)


R7A/B  HV/Cal module  (Vic 6A)


QI, 2 Germanium transistors (original board pulls, short lead)

£8.00 each

Transistors QI, 2 Germanium transistors (NOS modern replacements)

£4.50 each

V2 Corona Tube GV3A


T1 Pulse transformer (specify 6A or 6B) very limited stock, price on application


T2 Flyback transformer (specify 6A or 6B)


Most other resistors, capacitors & semiconductors available (original and modern) Contact Us below for details

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