Yes, we know that name is unpronounceable but the GC-01, which we'll call it from now on, is a surprisingly affordable and really well featured compact combination Geiger Counter and Dosimeter, sensitive to the three commonest types of ionising radiation, namely Beta, Gamma and X-Rays.

Just take a look at this little lot. The GC-01's large colour backlit LCD screen displays all of the information you need to monitor your environment, in both numeric and graphical formats. And it really is a Geiger Counter, with relative levels optionally displayed in counts per second (cps) and counts per minute (cpm). It’s proper a Dosimeter too with real time dose, average and maximum dose; and if you need them, user-set alarms current and cumulative dose rates, all in international standard micro Sieverts (μSv) and micro Sieverts per hour (μSv/hr).

In fact the GC-01 has an impressive array of dose measuring options with old school micro Grays per hour (μGy/h) and milli Roentgen per hour (mR/h). If you prefer your exposure levels to be displayed graphically, no problem, it does that as well, and the same screen also shows the current time and date, elapsed time, battery level and selected functions. For good measure there's a red LED event and alarm flasher, alarm sounder and silent vibration alarm. 

Readings are saved when the instrument is shut down, and we mustn't forget to mention that the GC-01 is incredibly cheap to run as it is powered by an internal rechargeable 1100mAh Lithium Ion battery (USB-C charge lead supplied). The case has soft-grip surround, the display and menu language is in English or Chinese and it comes with an unusually informative instruction booklet. And finally, the icing on the cake; it's an absolute doddle to use with really simple to understand controls and an easy to navigate menu display. If this little beauty tickles your fancy be aware that stocks are currently limited, so don't hang about. 


By the way, for a short time we also have a small number of GC-01s with blue cases. The specification is identical to the original yellow model, and it's same price too. And while we have them, you get the same great service from anythingradioactive, with next working day delivery using Royal Mail Special Delivery, to mainland UK addresses (N.B. when ordered before 3pm, and with the usual delivery disclaimers regarding events beyond our control).

This limited edition model could be just the job if you're looking for something a little more discrete? Simply make your selection on the drop-down menu. 

GC-01 PLUS, With Event Beeper

The GC-01 is arguably one of the best low-cost pocket geiger counters around; it's the complete package, except for one minor omission - it doesn't 'click'... 

True, it has an LED flasher; that and the informative LCD display tells you everything you need to know but you just can't beat an old-school clicker as well, to let you hear what's happening. So we've added one, and that's the PLUS a lot of people have been asking for.

The clicker or 'chirper' as some have called it is always on, loud enough to be heard, even in a noisy environment. But if you want to be a little more discrete just put your finger over the sounder hole on the back of the case or use a small piece of sticky tape. The clicker/chirper upgrade doesn't affect the alarm sounder or any other aspect of the unit's operation so if you want to hear, as well as see  what your instrument is detecting, select GC-01 PLUS on the drop-down Option menu when ordering.

GC-01 SE Solar Edition 

Who hasn't been caught short with a dead device and no charger, mains socket or USB lead to hand?

That wouldn't be a problem if you had a Frinsi GC-01 about your person. SE  stands for Solar Edition, with an on-board 80 x 45mm silicon pholovoltaic solar panel on the rear of the case.

On a sunny day it can be up and running from flat in as little as half an hour; a full charge typically takes 2 to 3 hours*. The GC01 SE also has the built in bleeper, as featured on the  the GC-01 Plus, and  of course, the same outstanding line up of features as the standard model. 

PLEASE NOTE, at the moment we only have a small number of yellow units available as this is a trial run. If you prefer a blue one let us know. So it may take a while  (hopefully well before Summer is over...) to ramp up production. 

* Your mileage may vary... Actual charge time depends on the strength of the Sun, and positioning of the unit for maximum exposure.


Sensor type: J321 17 cm, halogen quenched Geiger Müller tube
Sensitivities: Beta, Gamma & X-Rays
Energy Range: 48keV –1.5MeV
Dose Equivalent Rate: 0 -10000 μSv/hr
Cumulative Dose Equivalent: 0 – 500mSv
Alarm Options: user settable thresholds, LED, Audible  Vibration alert
Rate/Dose modes: cps, cpm, μSv/hr, μGy/hr mR/h
NEW Audible Clicker: above and select GC-01 PLUS on drop-down menu
Power supply: 1100mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Connector Type: USB-C
Weight: 144g
Dimensions: 120 x 79 x 28mm

*Vital Information For Overseas Buyers:*

Hallo, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Ní hao, Namasté, Ahlan bik, Geia!, Shalóm, Hai, Kónnichi wa, Annyeonghaseyo, Szia, Salâm, Witajcie, Privét, Hola, Adaab arz hai, with apologies to anyone we’ve missed…

The price shown is for UK buyers only, and are inclusive of delivery to mainland UK addresses. Overseas buyers are very welcome but please note that local taxes and customs duties are not included and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please contact us before ordering for any additional shipping options, which vary according to location. Please also note that this item may be prohibited or restricted in some countries.

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FNIRSI GC-01 and NEW GC-01 PLUS Geiger Counter and Dose Monitor, from £69.00 inc UK p&p

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