As we never tire of reminding you, radioactivity is everywhere. Even you, yes you, are mildly radioactive and that’s fine because it’s been that way since the beginning of time (some say it even played a role in our evolution), and we’re still here to tell the tale. But what if, heaven forefend, you are inadvertently exposed to significantly higher levels, above normal background radiation? That could be bad news but the problem is you can’t see or smell it and, if there’s a lot of it, you really need to know, quickly!

No need to panic - you will know all about it if you have one of these about your person. It’s the tiny HFS-P3 Pen Dosimeter, a little over 10cm (4-inches) long and weighing in at just 20 grams (0.7 ounces). Constantly on the alert it monitors your immediate environment, measuring exposure and warning you if it rises above pre-set thresholds (user settable) with a loud built-in sounder and a flashing LED. There’s no need to worry about it letting you down either. A built-in re-chargeable lithium battery can keep it running for up to 50 hours, and a full re-charge (using a supplied USB cable) takes only two or three hours.
The HFS-P3 detects three of the most concerning types of ionising radiation (Beta, Gamma and X-Rays). A super bright OLED display set into the side of the device provides an instant visual readout of the four exposure measurements: Real Time, Accumulated Dose, Average Dose and Maximum Dose in microsieverts  (and microsieverts per hour).
With only two buttons it could not be easier to use. One switches it on and off; the other steps through the four measurement modes. At switch-on it defaults to safe ‘Lock’ mode, which means alarm settings cannot be accidentally altered. They are factory set to nominal safe/alert levels so you shouldn’t need to adjust them but in case you do then accessing the setup menu is a simple matter of pressing the two buttons in sequence (press and hold mode and briefly press on/off).
And that is pretty much all you need to know in order to use it. By the way it has a pen-type pocket clip and comes with a fitted storage box, which also contains the USB charge cable and instructions.


If you're an outdoorsy type then here's something that may be of interest. It's an anythingradioactive exclusive, an optional custom-fitted compact, hard weatherproof carry case, and we've included a couple of handy extras. They are one of our popular 3-In-One Laser Pointer Keyring Torches with white and blue/UV LEDs, plus a genuine Uranium (aka Vaseline or Depression) Glass pebble. So what's that all about..? Well, the torch's blue/UV light is a simple way to identify and check potentially radioactive items like antique and vintage glassware, old clocks, watches and instruments (compasses and so on) with Radium painted dials and hands. When exposed to blue/UV light they emit a bright, eerie green glow. The Uranium Glass pebble also also glows, providing a novel indication of what you can expect to see, and a handy check source for the light. Don't worry, the pebble is only very, very slightly radioactive, nowhere near enough to trigger the dosimeter, (though some really 'spicy' radioactive antiques and collectables may well give an indication).

If you are interested just select the dosimeter and pen combo option by the Add To Cart button. 


Fascinating Facts

Detection Device:         48mm Geiger Müller tube
Sensitivities:                 Beta, Gamma, X-Ray
Measurement Range:   0.08 mSv – 50 mSv
Measurement modes:   Real Time Dose, Accumulated Dose, Average Dose, Maximum
Dose Rate Alarm:          user-settable 0.6 – 300 mSv/hr 30-steps 
Dose Alarm:                   1 – 3000 mSv 32 steps 
Alarm Indications:         Audible (built-in sounder) Visual (LEDs) & Flashing display
Digital Display:              B&W OLED screen
Display indications:      dose measurements/mode, time elapsed, Lock mode, battery charge, Alarm settings 
Additional Features:      IP66 water resistant case, auto screen timeout, charge socket (USB B Type C protective cover, pocket clip, green & red charge/alarm/event LEDs  
Power Source:                rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
Run Time:                        50hrs (screen in sleep mode)
Charge Time:                  2 – 3 hours
Charge Socket:              Type C USC (charge cable supplied)
Dimensions:                   108 x 18mm
Weight:                            20g
Hard Case Dimensions: 165 x 105 x 50mm (approx, optional extra)

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