The Tracerco T202 is a high quality, pro/lab-grade, high-spec and ‘intrinsically safe’ dose rate monitor. It is rated for use in demanding and hazardous situations such as oil & gas industries, medical and life science applications, Nuclear, CBRNe & Emergency Services, NDT, Manufacturing & Industrial and Environmental and Waste Management.

It is superbly well specified; here’s a brief summary: Gamma & X-Ray measurement covers 60keV – 1.25MeV. The large and easy to read combination display has both analogue meter and digital indications; the former clearly showing dose rate trend on a moving coil meter movement, from 0.1 to 1000 μSv/h. The LCD display shows real-time Dose Rate both digitally and in bargraph format between 0-10,000 μSv/h and if exceeded, up to a maximum of 10,000 μSv/h. Additionally it can record Accumulated and Peak radiation dose. There’s also user-settable alarm functions a built-in sounder, the display has a backlight and it is powered by a single 9-volt heavy-duty alkaline battery that can keep it running for up to 100 hours.
The instrument has a high level of protection against physical shock, wet and humid conditions and is safe to use in potentially hazardous environments (Zones 0,1,2 hazard areas).
This T202 also comes with additional safety and protective features comprising the optional T202 Extension Kit and a rugged and a waterproof hard carry-case with auto pressure release valve. The extension kit allows the user to take ‘remote’ measurements of hard to reach or potentially hazardous sources at distances of up to two metres. The kit has a holder/clamp for the T202 and screw-ended extension tubes, one with a soft grip handle. A copy of the user manual, instructions for the extension kit and an Allen Key for the extension clamp are also included.
The T202 has been previously owned and is in good condition and in full working order. Calibration has lapsed (August 2021) but it correlates well with a recently lab calibrated instrument. There are a few scuff marks on the housing and the carry case but these are very minor in nature, no serious scratches, and do not impact on overall appearance or operation. 


  • Radiation Sensor: Centronic ZP1202, Halogen-quenched Geiger Müller tube
  • Sensitivities: Gamma and X-Ray
  • Energy Range: 60keV to 1.25MeV
  • Doserate Range: 0 to 1000 μSv/h (analogue meter), 0 to 10,000 μSv/h (digital display)
  • Accumulated Dose: 0 to 10,000 μSv
  • Peak Dose Rate: 0 to 10,000 μSv/h
  • Display indications: Over-Range, Low battery, Cal Due, Operating Modes. Alarm, Alarm Settings, Audio on/off
  • Power Supply: recommended 9-volt Alkaline MN1604 or MX1604
  • Battery Life: 100 hours continuous (backlight and audio off) 
  • Dimensions: 260 x 110 x 50mm
  • Weight: 600g

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Tracerco T202 Advanced Radiation Monitor With Extension Kit. £650.00 inc. UK Shipping* ONE ONLY!

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