Who isn't concerned about what's happening to our environment? The trouble is you can’t always see, taste or smell a lot of the potentially nasty stuff, and that includes Nuclear and Electromagnetic radiation. So how can you tell how much of it is there in your immediate vicinity? Well, now you can; just think of the JD-3001 as a set of extra senses that fits easily into your pocket.
The JD-3001 is a compact combination instrument that detects nuclear radiation, specifically Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radioactivity, displaying approximate doserate in international standard microsieverts per hour (μSv/hr)  (real time, average & accumulated) on a large backlit colour LCD screen. Values are shown both numerically and as a trend graph. Hit the Plus (+) button and it flips to Electromagnetic radiation detection mode, this time displaying electric field (V/M) and magnetic field (μT) as a numeric trend graph and numeric values. And as all the best telly shopping peddlers say - but wait, there’s more...
It really is very easy to use with a clear and simple to understand on-screen menu (3 languages: English, Chinese & Russian). There are user-pre -settable alarms for both Nuclear and Electromagnetic monitoring modes (there’s also a discrete ‘ticker’ in nuclear mode). And we’re still not finished.
The JD-3001 also monitors and displays environmental temperature and relative humidity, and here comes the real showstopper. It logs and time-stamps all four measurements (nuclear, electromagnetic, temperature and humidity) and stores them on its internal memory as standard csv files. This means you can download data to your tablet or PC etc. using the supplied USB lead, open it in almost any regular spreadsheet program and display the results in tabular or graphic form.
Oh yes, we almost forgot. You can adjust the data logging interval: it can be set to shut down after a pre-set interval. It runs on a rechargeable lithium battery, and a flip out table stand.

If you just want to cut to the chase here are the important numbers:
Nuclear detection device: Geiger Müller tube 
Energy response: <±30% (48KeV-1.3MeV)
Sensitivities: high energy Beta, Gamma & X-Ray
Cumulative dose equivalent: HP (10) 0.0μsv-99.99msv
Dose equivalent rate: HP(10)0.1μSv/H-9.99MSv/H
Relative inherent error: <±15% (Cs137)

EF range 1V/M – 1999VM
Magnetic Field : 0.01μT – 999.9μT

Dimensions 175 x 70 x 30mm
Weight: 190g
Power Supply: 3.7v rechargeable battery
Charge/Data port: micro USB
Supplied accessories: USB cable, instructions, hard carry case (limited time only)

*Vital Information For Overseas Buyers:

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JD-3001 Combination Nuclear & Electromagnetic Dosimeter £159.99 inc UK p&p

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