Following a visit to a secret nuclear bunker we stumbled upon a small stash of rather alarming doorbells. Why the inhabitants of a nuclear bunker would need such a thing is unclear, maybe it was to frighten off hungry mutants and zombies - who knows? What is certain that anyone pressing the button on the Wireless Door Push triggers the main unit – up to 100 metres away – to let loose with a one or more loud nuclear themed ‘alerts’.
Five are stored on the unit’s internal memory. There’s two attention-grabbing Warning Sirens and three spoken alerts (with accompanying sound effects). There’s a chilling ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1’ doomsday countdown, followed by an explosion, a booming ‘ There is somebody at the door! This is not a drill’, warning and ‘Attention, Attention, somebody has pressed the doorbell’. (Old timers may remember the last three; they’re a homage to the hugely popular Nuclear Doorbell that we used to sell a few years ago).
It’s the doorbell you can’t ignore, but the best part is that you can program it with your own preferred alert sounds. It plays standard MP3 files, loaded from a PC using a standard USB cable (supplied). The on-board memory has a capacity of 126 Mb, more than enough for half a dozen short ( 5 – 10 second) sound files, or maybe just one long one. If you like a bit of variety it automatically plays a different sound every time the Wireless Door Push button is pressed, or you can simply edit the files to play just one, or two, or more, it’s up to you.
The transparent cover of the Wireless Door Push is removable, for inserting a name label. It comes with a battery for the Wireless Door Push, fixings for both pieces and simple instructions for pairing the Wireless Door Push and uploading and editing MP3 files. To get it up and running all you need is three standard 1.5 volt ‘C’ cells.
As you can see from the photos they really do look like they’ve just been removed from a nuclear bunker. If you want one of those fancy, shiny white namby-pamby ‘ding-dong’ doorbells go to a hardware store; this is for all you doomsday preppers and bunker hunkerers and definitely not the sort of thing your old granny would enjoy. You have been warned!  
If you are wondering if there’s room for it on the fallout shelter wall or bunker door here’s some basic specs.
Main unit
Dimensions: 130 x 110 x 40mm
Weight (ex batteries): 160g
Power Supply: 3 x 1.5 volt C cells
Onboard memory: 126 Mb
Supported audio file format: MP3
Data connection: mini USB
Operating frequency: 433.92MHz
Max Range: up to 100 metres (depending on building structure & materials)
Wireless Door Push
Dimensions: 90 x 33 x 23mm
Weight (inc battery): 44g
Power Supply: 1 x 12 volt A23 battery
Outfit includes: Doorbell main unit, Wireless Door Push, USB cable, fixing kit, instruction leaflet.

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