This unusual and highly affordable little instrument is the latest version of the popular BR-9C. It detects both Nuclear and Electromagnetic Radiation. It's for anyone who takes an interest in their environment and with just a handful of controls it is really easy to use and understand.

First off it’s a fully-fledged and very capable Geiger Counter/Dosimeter, sensitive to Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radiation. It’s no slouch either; able to detect and measure normal background radiation and, therefore, alert the user to elevated levels that could be coming from things including antique clocks and watches, natural minerals (such as granite). Other detectable items include antique glassware, ceramics and domestic smoke detectors.

Readings, in standard dose units of microsieverts per hour (mSv/hr), are updated once a second so it’s useful for urban prospecting. Additionally there is a discreet built-in sounder that clicks with every ‘event’ and sounds an alarm when the real-time dose exceeds the preset threshold of 0.5 mSv/hr.  
There’s more. The large, bright, back-lit colour LCD also shows Mean and Cumulative dose, plus it has a constantly updated trend graph. Cumulative dose readings are stored in a non-volatile memory that maintains readings, even when the unit is powered down. Speaking of which, it run on three standard or rechargeable AAA cells (1.5 or 1.2v) with the latter charged via a USB socket on the side.
So far so good, but at switch-on there’s the option to select either Nuclear radiation – see above – or Electromagnetic radiation. This is emitted by almost all electrical devices, from mobiles to microwave ovens, TVs to toasters and waffle irons to Wi-FI routers.
You get the picture and we’re not going to get into the whole 'is it harmful or not' argument, but there is no denying that emanations from electrical appliances genuinely concern a lot of people. This little gadget tells you how much of it there is and, potentially, where it is coming from.
The display shows Power Density in microwatts per square centimetre (mW/cm2) Electrical Field Intensity is shown in volts per metre (v/m) and there’s a combined magnetic field strength and trend graph display showing measurements in micro-Teslas (mT).  Place it near virtually any electrical device and watch the numbers shoot up! This makes it simple to identify the devices that put out the most electromagnetic radiation, and the areas of your house or environment most affected.

Please note that this device is not being sold for use in health or safety applications, but it does clearly illustrate how pervasive electromagnetic radiation has become in our gadget and gizmo riddled world…  
Nuclear Radiation Detection By The Numbers:
  • Detection Device glass encapsulated, energy compensated Geiger Müller tube
  • Sensitivity:                   Beta, Gamma & X-rays
  • Energy range:             20keV to 3.0MeV (+/- 30% Cs 137)
  • Real-Time range:        0 – 99.99 Sv/hr
  • Cumulative Range:     0 – 99.999mSv
  • Mean error:                 < 3%
Electromagnetic Radiation Measurement By The Numbers:
  • Power Density Range:            0 – 99.000 mW/cm2
  • Power Density Sensitivity:      50MHz – 5GHz
  • Electric Field Intensity:            0 – 999.99 v/m
  • Electric Field Frequency:         20MHz – 100MHz
  • Magnetic Field Intensity:         0 – 99,999mT
  • Magnetic Field Frequency:      20Hz – 1MHz
Basic Facts and Figures:
  • Display:                  70mm colour LCD
  • Controls:                power on & off, mode select, sound (mute, event, alarm), backlight (on/off), measurement (run/pause), Cumulative memory erase
  • Power Supply:       3 x 1.2v (rechargeable) or 3 x 1.5v disposable AAA cells
  • Dimensions:          105 x 70 x 30mm
  • Weight:                   100g (175g with batteries)


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XR3 Dual Mode Geiger Counter & Electromagnetic Radiation Dosimeter, £107.99 inc UK p&p

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