We found these heavy-duty containers at a secret abandoned nuclear facility: these were clearly designed to store highly radioactive substances. Fearing that some passing evil super-villain might use them to build an atomic death ray, or some such, we decided to secure them in our underground laboratory. Teams of incredibly smart scientists worked on them for months, using all manner of really expensive teccy stuff to find out what was inside. Eventually they succeeded, and as the central core was slowly withdrawn the lab was flooded with a fearsome, eerie green glow.

Well, that’s our story, and we’re sticking to it…

Others might say that’s a load of old cobblers and they are really cunningly disguised camping lights. They might even suggest that the green glow comes from 30 super-bright LEDS - powered by just three AA batteries - mounted behind a green filter.  And to get them open you don’t need a boffin with an industrial strength plasma drill; all you have to do is flip up the handles/hangers and pull.

Sizes (mm) 85 diameter; 125 closed; 185 fully open.

Believe what you want, the fact is we have decided the safest way to stop them falling into the wrong hands is to offer them to our loyal customers, who we trust will use them responsibly, to zap zombies, vanquish vampires and ward off werewolves, or just light up the odd dark corner. Just be aware that they must never be seen by those of a nervous (or villainous) disposition or left lying around in public places…

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