It’s yet another anythingradioactive exclusive: a real collector’s item and an offer no CDV-700 owner or Geiger Counter fan can afford to miss. It’s a highly detailed, hand-crafted one fifth (approx) scale model of the iconic CDV-700 Civil Defense Geiger counter, with a fold-out 8Gb* USB memory stick (other sizes are available).  Use it to log your data, safely transfer files or give your action figures something to hold. It’s so realistic you can almost hear it clicking…

But there’s more, much more. We’ve loaded the memory stick with over 50Mb of files, including freshly scanned pdfs of user and operator manuals and a fallout shelter handbook for CDV-700s, 750, 715, 717 & 777, from ENI, IEH, Jordan, LFC, Lionel & Victoreen. You’ll also get a copy of the original CDV Counter freeware program and web links to download sites for various GC applications including GeigerLog, Rad Logger and Theremino MCA. Finally, there’s something for hobbyists and tinkerers. We’ve declassified and gone all Open Source with our popular (but now discontinued) GeigerActiv range of Geiger Counters and dosimeters. It includes schematics and PCB layouts for the GeigerActiv K key chain monitor, the GeigerActiv Personal Plus pocket monitor and the GeigerActiv Pro Mk 2 Geiger Counter.

Be warned, the Mini CDV-700 memory stick is a strictly limited edition -- they take ages to make -- so get in quick before our stocks run out. If you want larger memory capacity – 16Gb etc -- get in touch (click Contact Us at the bottom of the page) and we’ll see what we can do.

* Please note that system files and the Bonus files stored on the drive mean that the usable capacity is likely to be a little under 8 or 16Gb

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Mini CDV-700 Memory Stick With Manuals & Software, Limited Edition

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