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Here’s something really rather special. It’s the MinAlarm 7-10, from Thermo Scientific, and it’s a serious piece of kit. In case you are wondering it is an area monitor, which means it keeps a very close watch on a lab, clinic, your kitchen or bedroom etc. and if the radioactivity level exceeds the (user set) level, you’ll be the first to know as a loud chirpy alarm sounds and the visual indicator on the front panel changes from green to red. There’s also an option to use it to trigger an external alarm.


In common with many other Mini Instruments/Thermo Scientific devices it features the iconic analogue meter with a semi-logarithmic scale. It reads from 0.5 to 5000 uSV/hr, so there’s no need for a range switch. It clearly shows levels, from normal background (with emphasis on the important 1 – 10uSv/h range) up to, ‘you really don’t want to be here’!

This version is fitted with a 7-10R type probe, fitted with an MC20 compensated GM tube (non-ambient dose equivalent (H*(10)) version). The energy range extends from 50keV to 1.25 MeV, so it is not suitable for X-Ray radiation monitoring from equipment operating below 75kVp. Click Here for the more detailed MinAlarm 7-10 Series Product Specification.

It’s designed to be always on, powered from a standard 200 - 250 VAC mains supply but in addition it has a built in rechargeable backup battery. This will keep it running for several hours if the main supply fails or there’s a need to use it as a portable instrument. 

We only have one unit left in stock but it is in outstanding, dare we say, near pristine condition. All functions and controls check out and the case is very clean, with no visible marks or dinks. It comes complete with the detachable probe (fitted with a 3-metre extension cable) plus the original (unused) probe mounting kit (sorry, no manual but operation is very simple and largely self explanatory). It is now out of calibration but basic comparison checks with other recently calibrated instruments suggests that it very close to spec. Nevertheless, re-calibration by Thermo is strongly recommended if it is to be used in any safety critical application. When new these instruments sold for almost £2000, so check out our very special one-off, first-come, first-served price and grab yourself a fantastic bargain!

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Thermo Scientific MinAlarm 7-10 Area Monitor

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