We've found this very stylish new type of Crookes Radiometer which we think would grace any home, office, bunker... It is extremely fragile, stands at around 22cm with a base measuring 7.5cm , and is definitely NOT a toy!

The Radiometer was invented by Sir William Crookes in 1873. The glass bulb is evacuated to create a partial vacuum; inside the globe there are 4 vanes and these are mounted on a simple pointed bearing to reduce friction.

Just place it in sunlight  or a bright beam from a torch and watch it spin! Plus: you don't need any batteries for it...

There are only 5 available so don't delay: we are sure these will be very popular.

PLEASE NOTE: these items are very delicate - we are willing to ship them overseas and will ensure they are packed correctly. The price for non-UK shipping reflects this. 


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New Style Crookes Radiometer - Limited Stock

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