Here’s another Russian-made radiation monitor that we auditioned for sale here at anythingradioactive. It might have made it too but for the very limited supply. This may well be one of only a small handful to have made it to the West. As you can see from the photos it is an ultra-slim monitor/dosimeter dating, as best we can tell from the inspection certificate, from 1992. It is designed to slip into a shirt pocket and alert the user to any unexpected increases in radioactivity.

Two miniature SBM-21 Geiger Muller tubes do the detecting and three LEDs (one green, two red) tell you what’s going on. For the record they are labelled НОРМА (Normal), ВНИМАНИЕ (Warning) and ОПАСНОСТБ (Danger), none of which needs much explanation, but there’s more information on the actual threshold level in the Russian instructions. There’s also a warning bleeper, which sounds when the level rises above Normal. Power comes from four readily obtainable LR9 button cells. There’s only one control, a 3-position switch that switches the unit on, shows battery condition (the green LED illuminates if they’re okay) and selects normal operation. Battery life depends on use but in normal circumstances they should last weeks or months. It comes with a fresh set of cells and the previously mentioned instructions. It works and the condition is generally very good, though there are a few light marks (nothing too serious) on the shiny case.

It measures approx 10.1 x 6.8 x 1.4cm, and all up weight is a mere 80 grammes.

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