NOTE: Limited Stocks, Now only ENI 6B boards available.

Has your CDV-700 keeled over and died? Worried about the cost of repair and the availability of obsolete parts? Looking for a way to ensure your treasured vintage Geiger Counter keeps working and won’t fail when you need it the most? Worry no more. anythingradioactive has a solution that unites the best of twentieth century design and construction with some super reliable twenty first century technology.

Faults in the high voltage section of these iconic vintage instruments are the most common cause of failure; they’re almost always difficult to diagnose and usually the most expensive to fix.

The high voltage transformers on these devices are a huge problem. The waxed paper insulation breaks down though humidity, mechanical shock, and simple old age and, since they’re no longer made, replacements are now extremely difficult to find. Other HV components, such as selenium rectifiers, voltage regulators and capacitors have also become unreliable as time goes by, so we’ve ripped them all out!

Our replacement boards combine the original metering and audio circuitry, with several upgraded components, with a modern and super reliable microchip-controlled HV module. As an added benefit current consumption is also significantly reduced, by between 70 and  90 percent, depending on the model, greatly increasing battery life.

Integrating electronics systems from half a dozen different manufacturers, made more than 50 years apart hasn’t been easy but we’ve started the ball rolling with a mod board for the ENI 6B 

Our current plan is to offer a simple board swap service. Just send us your old board and we’ll either upgrade it for you, or send your a ready prepared board, depending on our stock levels. It’s a very straightforward drop-in replacement that requires only basic tools and simple soldering skills. It should only take 10 to 15 minutes to fit; there are only a few screws and just 5 soldered connections to contend with (3 power wires, and connections for the probe and audio jack). Don't worry, we will send you some simple instructions for removal and replacement once we receive your order.

The module will be set to the optimum 910 - 920 volts output. The calibration adjustments on these board remains operational and we’ll set it using a standard check source, but we cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy as the sensitivity and performance of the CDV-700's Geiger tube changes over time, even so, it shouldn't be too far off.

It’s as easy as that and you’re assured a working board, with a greatly extended life expectancy, even if the fault has nothing to do with the high-voltage circuitry.

The price for these boards is a flat-rate £55, plus return shipping so if you want a quote or require more details just get in touch using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

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CDV 700 Replacement Board (ENI 6B only)

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