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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The Soeks 112 is a fully-fledged Geiger Counter/Dosimeter, barely thicker than a marker pen, complete with an LCD display, audible and visual indications (flashing LED and a bleeper) and a user-settable alarm.
You are probably thinking it’s too small with limited sensitivity and only useful in the aftermath of a nuclear detonation. Wrong! It is fitted with a highly rated Rostatom SBM-20 Geiger Müller tube. That’s the exact same Beta, Gamma and X-Ray sensitive tube found in many of the best and most respected instruments on the market.
It detects normal background radiation - clicking every few seconds (depending on your location) - so it easily responds to elevated levels, such as those found in some antiques (clocks, watches and instruments with luminous radium-painted hands and dials, Uranium glass items and Uranium doped ceramic glazes, vintage thorium-doped gas mantles). It also detects naturally-occurring radioactivity in minerals, such as marble and granite.
The Soeks 112 has two operating modes: constant Background Measurement and Accumulated Dose. Readings are shown on the LCD in microsieverts/hr (µSv/h), in the range from 0 – 999. In both modes each detected event is shown by a flashing LED and accompanied by a bleep from the internal sounder. Even though it only has two buttons the 112 has a useful array of user adjustments. These include the threshold alarm (0 - 100 (µSv/h in 12 steps), alarm on/off, auto time off (0 – 120 minutes in 7 steps) and sounder on/off volume. There’s also an accumulated dose reset and a low battery indicator. The Soeks 112 is powered by two inexpensive and widely available AG13/LR44 button cells (included), which can keep it running for an incredible 170 hours. Price includes shipping to UK addresses* Stop Press! The Soeks 112 now comes with a FREE pocket clip, exclusive to anythingradioactive, to make it even more accessible.
NEW Soeks112 GeigerActiv Go-Pack
It's not that the Soeks 112 has any disadvantages, but being so small it's easy for it to get mislaid, just when you need it. Or maybe you plan to take it with you on your travels and want to protect it against the elements, keep it secure and so on.

The solution is simple, upgrade to our exclusive Soeks 112 Go-Pack. It's a custom padded watertight container, complete with a Soeks 112 and pocket clip. There's also a rather useful 3-in-1 micro torch. This has bright white and Ultra Violet (UV) LEDs, and a red laser pointer. The UV light is an excellent way to check Uranium Glass objects, which give off an eerie green glow under UV. And to show it's working we've also included a genuine Uranium Glass marble. The case also contains a mini carabina/belt clip -- so it's always to hand -- and if you're going to be away for a while, there's a full full set of AG13 cells for both the Soeks 112 and the 3-in-1 flashlight.

Interested? Then select Soeks112 Go Pack on the Options drop-down menu.

Still not convinced? Here are some handy facts and figures:

  • Detection Device         SBM-20 Geiger Müller tube
  • Sensitivity:                   Beta, Gamma & X-Ray
  • Operating Modes:        Continuous (Dose Equivalent) & Accumulated Dose (Dose Equivalent Rate)
  • Indication Range:         0 – 999 µSv/h
  • Power supply:                2 x AG13/LR44 button cells
  • Run Time:                       170 hours continuous
  • Dimensions:                   125 x 18mm
  • Weight:                            30g (with batteries)
  • Operating temp:           -10 - +50 degrees C
  • Pack Contents:              Soeks 112, batteries, user manual (English & Russian)

*Very Important Stuff For Overseas Buyers:
The prices shown are for UK buyers and inclusive of delivery to mainland UK addresses. Postage to non-UK locations will be via Royal Mail's International Tracked / Signed services, depending on location. Please also note that this item may be prohibited or restricted in some countries.

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Soeks 112 Pocket Size Dosimeter/Geiger Counter & NEW Go-Pack

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