The DP-66(M) is another rare and unusual piece of Cold War history, this time from the other side of what used to be the Iron Curtain. It is one of the Warsaw Pact's closest equivalents of the CDV-700, but with a lot more features. We have a very small number of units available and as an added bonus each one comes with one of our exclusive speaker modules and 3.5mm jack adaptor plugs. Also, for a short time, while stocks last, we will include a free purpose designed DP-66 earpiece. 

* the DP-66M has a slightly different probe design with a 'pop-up' Beta shield instead of the rotating type used on the standard DP66 (pictured). In virtually all other respects they have an identical specification. We are in the process of changing the photos - please be patient!

 The DP-66M is a Polish made upgrade of the classic Russian DP-5V Geiger Counter (featured several times in the excellent Chernobyl TV mini series), but it uses more up-to-date (and reliable) components and unlike that old Soviet jobby, it is powered by two readily obtainable 1.5 volt 'D' cells torch batteries that can keep it running for 60 hours or more.
However, what makes this instrument so special is the fact there are three Geiger tubes inside the hand-held probe. These are sensitive to a very wide range of Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radiation, from normal background to don't plan on reaching retirement age...

Measurements are shown in counts per minute (0 - 10,000 cpm) Roentgens/milli Roentgens per hour (0.5 mR/h - 200R/hr) in 6 selectable ranges. The probes have a 3-mode rotating shield, for discriminating between Beta and Gamma, or high/low range Beta and Gamma. The DP-66 also has a built-in charger for a  DKP-50 quartz fibre pen dosimeter (not included).

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The large moving coil meter has a luminous dial, it's also backlit, which can be handy for a spot of night time detection. Our specially designed 3.5mm jack adaptor, which comes with the speaker module, can also be used to connected the unit to ordinary headphones, an amplifier or even a PC, running counting or logging software.
Although the control labelling is in Polish it's is incredibly easy to use. The main selector switch has 8 positions, for power off ('W'), battery check ('K'); the other 6 positions select the operating range. The only other controls are two buttons -- for turning on the meter backlight and zeroing the meter - and a small knob for zeroing a pen dosimeter when it is inserted into the charging socket on the top panel. Don’t worry, there is a English translation of the manual on the web which you can download here.
The DP-66Ms we have are now over 40 years old but most of that time was spent in long-term storage. They show slight some signs of use due to periodic testing and calibration but the overall condition is generally very good and before shipping they are thoroughly checked, cleaned and where necessary refurbished.

 Specs At A Glance:

  • Detection elements: 3 x Geiger Müller tubes (STS-5, DOB-50 & DOB-80, Beta, Gamma & X-Ray sensitive)
  • Detection Range: 0 - 10,000cpm/ 0.5 mR/h - 200R/hr
  • Dosimeter: Gamma sensitive DKP-50 pen type with quartz fibre indicator
  • Probe features: pop-up shield  & detachable handle
  • Display device: Analogue moving coil meter with backlight and luminous dial
  • Included accessories: custom speaker module with LED flasher & 3.5mm jack adaptor 
  • Power requirements: 2 x 1.5v D cells
  • Dimensions Main Unit: 173 x 115 x 100mm
  • Dimensions Probe: 290 x 49mm (max)
  • Weight 2.1kg (main unit & probe)

Important note: whilst the DP-66 is sensitive enough to detect normal background and elevated levels of radioactivity, is not being sold as a serious scientific instrument nor is it intended for use in safety critical or health related applications. 

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DP66M Vintage Cold War Geiger Counter & Mini Speaker - very low stocks

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