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This is arguably one of the most capable pocket-sized radiation detectors on the market. It is small, light, sensitive and really, really fast, displaying readings in just one second. The 01M Prime from Russian geigermiesters Soeks does it all, from general prospecting, monitoring and spot detection – with the option of a unique Search mode – to continuous dose measurement and logging of data. Everything you need to know is clearly shown on a large and easy to understand backlit colour LCD display, and controlled using a simple to use on-screen menu – in English, in case you were wondering (Beware models being sold with just Russian language displays, unless of course you speak Russian...).

Stay tuned, we've only just started. The 01M Prime has a built-in user-set alarm that can be programmed to sound an alert when the radiation level exceeds a pre-set threshold. The display changes colour to indicate the level status, Green for normal background, Yellow for High or elevated levels and Red for Danger or ‘time to leave’!

Readings can be switched between counts per minute (CPM), microsieverts per hour (µSv/h) and micro Roentgens per hour (µR/h). Spot Measurements, Dose and Search readings can all be saved at the touch of a button, along with a time and date stamp, on the device’s on-board 3-event memory, and recalled at any time.

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There’s more. It is powered by just two AAA cells and these can be ordinary zinc carbon disposables, alkalines or rechargeables. The latter can be charged in the unit using the supplied USB cable and a single charge can keep it running for 1000 hours; that’s around 42 days of continuous operation.

The Search mode is designed to help the user quickly locate a radioactive source by updating readings at one second intervals in 120 second cycles. A trend arrow shows if levels are rising or falling and this is supplemented with a moving graphical display.

It really is very small and light, measuring just 105 х 43 х 18 mm and weighing less than 70 grams. It’s tough too, housed in a smart and distinctive ‘soft’ feel case. As you can see it has only three buttons but with these you can easily navigate the on-screen menus which give access to a very wide range of operating modes and settings, from changing the time and date and alarm levels, to switching display units, setting the volume of the internal clicker and adjusting the screen brightness, automatic sleep and off times, to name just a few.

Key Features At A Glance:

  • Fast, accurate readings
  • Continuous, Search & Cumulative Dose measurement
  • CPM, uSv/hr & uR/hr units
  • Date & Time-stamped reading memory
  • Audible event and Alert sounds
  • User-set Threshold alarm
  • Simple to use
  • Large backlit colour LCD
  • English language on-screen menus
  • Up to 1000 hours/42 days continuous use on battery
  • Compact and Light

Time to get nerdy with some noteworthy numbers


Detection Device:                                     Lab Grade GMS-20-1 Geiger Muller Tube
Sensitivities:                                             Beta, Gamma & X-Ray
Background Level Indication Range:     0.01 up to 999 µSv/h
Registered Gamma
Energy:                    >0.1 meV

Accumulated Radiation dose range:      0 – 40 Sv
Warning thresholds:                                0.1 µSv/h – 1 Sv
Power requirements:                               2 x AAA cells (zinc, alkaline or NiMh) or external via USB cable
Continuous running time:                       up to 1000 hrs (using 2 x 1350mA/hr cells)
Display:                                                     Colour LCD 128 x 160 pixels
Operating Temp Range:                           -20 to +60 degrees C
Dimensions:                                              105 х 43 х 18mm

Weight (inc. battery):                                68g

Supplied accessories:                              USB lead, continental USB mains charger, warranty, specs, performance & compliance certificate.

N.B. A full English user manual, in pdf format, can be downloaded from:

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