The Medcom Radalert 50 and its near identical cousin, the Digilert 50, are one of the all time great pocket Geiger Counters/dose rate monitors. These superbly made instruments are rarely seen outside of the US where they were made; nevertheless, they have earned a worldwide reputation for reliability and performance. N.B. The only significant difference between Radaleret and DIgialert 50s is the front and rear panel labelling 

The headline features for both models are the same and that is Alpha, Beta, Gamma & X-Ray sensitivity. Yes, that’s right, Alpha sensitivity! It is one of the hardest forms of radioactivity to detect, due to its very low penetrative power, but the Medcom and Digilert are up to the job thanks to their LND 712 Geiger Müller detector tubes. These have a thin mica end-window which allows Alpha particles to pass through. Relatively few instruments have this sort of range and capability; fewer still combine it with a pocket-sized case, large LCD auto ranging display, audible alarm/alert, audio and data output ports, audio and visual 'event' indicators and a long battery life, so don't delay, they may not be available for long at these prices!

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Radalert 50 and Digilert 50 are exceptionally easy to use. There are just two controls on the front panel; one switch is for turning it on and enabling the internal sounder, the other is for switching between measurement units (CPM – counts per minute or mR/hr – milli Roentgens per hour). At switch-on the readout accumulates for the first minute and automatically refreshed thereafter at one-minute intervals. This gives a very simple and easy to understand indication of radiation levels, making them suitable for both personal monitoring and protection as well as long-term environmental logging. On the top panel, next to the opening for the Geiger tube’s end-window (protected by a metal grille) there are three more simple controls for enabling and setting the Radalert/Digilert 50’s ‘Alert’ function, which sounds when the detected level exceeds a user-set threshold. An on-screen indicator shows it is in the Alert mode.  
Our Radalert & Digilert  50s are pre-owned, but they have been well looked after with only very minor signs of use;  we currently have a very limited stock available. Needless to say, they are  in full working order, within factory specs and checked against calibrated instruments. Both models come with operation manuals and in addition the Medcom 50 is supplied with a custom carry case.
All of the important numbers you need are below but if you want to know more about this highly regarded instrument there’s plenty of detailed info on the web.

General Specifications for Radalert & Digilert 50: 

Sensor:                                   LND712 Halogen-quenched mica end-window Geiger
Müller detection tube
Mica window density:           1.5-2.0 mg/cm2
Sidewall:                                 0.3mm #446 stainless steel.
Display:                                   LCD with mode indicators
Display Indicators:                 4-digit numeric, measurement unit, alert mode, alert
mode set, first minute count, total mode, x1000 mode (autorange), low battery
Operating Range:                   0 to 50,000 cpm, 0.001 to 50 mR/hr
Energy Sensitivity:                1000 CPM/mR/hr referenced to Cs-137
Accuracy:                                ±10% typical, ±15% maximum
Events:                                    bleep/click
Alerts:                                      Audible bleeper 
Count light:                             Red LED
Audio Output:                         2.5mm jack socket
Data Output:                           3.5mm jack to CMOS-compatible devices
Anti-Saturation:                      'Jam' protection, display hold at full scale in high
radiation fields
Temperature Range:               -10°to +50°C 
Power:                                      9-volt PP3 type battery
Dimensions:                            150 x 80 x 30 mm
Weight:                                     250 grams (including battery)

Very Important Stuff For Overseas Buyers:

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Medcom Radalert & Digilert 50 Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray Radiation Monitors, from £229

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