This is a compact ‘frisker’ style Geiger Counter, designed to rapidly check for radioactive contamination in foods, building materials and devices and keep a running check on radiation dose and exposure. That’s a summary of the manufacturer’s description but the bottom line is that the Gamma Check Pro is an advanced design, yet really easy to set-up and use.

Here’s a quick roundup of the highlights. It has three detection modes or ‘programs.

Program 1: Dosimeter. This determines radiation doseage in international standard ‘Sievert’ units (from 00.0001 uSv to 999.999 Sv) over a user-set period of time, up to 99 days, 23 hours and 59 seconds (or up to 1,000 days, or until the memory is full if no setting applied). It has an audible alarm that will sound an alert if a user set threshold is exceeded.

Program 2: Pulse Counter. The number of pulses detect by the unit's Geiger Muller tube are counted and, again, the duration of the count can be up to 99 days, 23 hours and 59 seconds, or 1,000 days if no setting is applied. This also has an alarm function, this time pre-settable to between 1 and 999999 ‘ticks’.

Program 3: Pulse Rate.  The unit measures and displays the number of pulses per second over a pre-set period (as before 99 days etc.), and again there is an audible alarm, settable between 0.001 to 399.999 clicks per second.

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Readings are automatically stored and time and date stamped by the Gamma Check’s internal memory and can be downloaded to a Windows PC, via a USB lead. The data is analysed by a free software program (downloadable from the manufacturer’s website) and either displayed on screen in numerical and graphical form or it can be printed out or exported to another application as a csv.file.

Measurements and the set-up routines are all displayed on a large and easy to read LCD screen. All operations are controlled by just four keys. As well as downloading data to a PC the USB lead is also used to charge the Gamma Check’s replaceable Lithium ion battery

Now for those all-important facts and figures:

Detection device:                  Geiger Müller tube (Beta & Gamma, though Beta sensitivity limited by casing material)
Measurement Ranges:         Doseage 0.000 – 999.999uSv/hr
                                                    Dosimeter 0.0001uS – 999999Sv
                                                    Pulse Count 0 – 999999
                                                    Pulse Rate 0.0001 – 399.999/sec
Battery Type:                           3.6v, 2000maAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Thermal Operating Range:  -10 - +40 degrees C
Dimensions:                              180 x 86 x 45mm
Weight:                                       175g
Supplied Accessories:             Rechargeable battery (installed), USB cable, instruction manual

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Gamma Check Pro from Voltcraft

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