Introducing the next generation pocket, portable, personal, pocket Geiger Counter from GQ - the GMC-500+ Plus.

Top Features Include:

  • Twin Geiger Tubes For Increased High Range Sensitivity
  • Larger, More Informative LCD Display
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity For Uploading Logged Data
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Multi Mode Display
  • New Case Design
  • And much more besides

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This latest addition to the hugely popular GQ range of personal, pocket-size Geiger Counters features twin Geiger Tubes for increased high-range sensitivity and a host of new features. These include a larger, more informative LCD display, independent tube calibration and a new case design.
In common with its predecessors it is sensitive to Beta (β) Gamma (γ) and X-Ray radiation, with improved resolution at higher levels. It is small, light and very simple to use with just four front panel controls and an intuitive on-screen menu. The larger backlit LCD is now even easier to read, with prominent ‘ Normal’, ‘Medium’ and ‘High’ flashes for quick and easy interpretation of readings and as before there’s a user-settable audible alarm to alert you to unexpected or abnormal levels.

GQ Electronics has wisely retained most, if not all, of the earlier model’s most useful features, like a rechargeable battery and PC connectivity, with the option of wired (via USB) or Wi-FI communications. The supplied Software (Windows XP and above, Linux version available from GQ website) allows you to upload and review time and date-stamped data on your computer for logging and/or continuous monitoring. As an added bonus you can also upload data to GQ’s rapidly expanding crowd-sourced online Geiger Counter World Map, showing data from GMC instruments around the world.

The GMC-500+ Plus is the ideal Geiger Counter for enthusiasts, schools, students, antique dealers and collectors, urban prospectors, rock hounds, gadget fans, doomsday preppers. In fact anyone who is curious or concerned about their environment. Please note that is not intended for use in health and safety or safety-critical applications, but it is an accurate and reliable instrument, sensitive enough to detect normal background radiation and therefore quickly alert the user to elevated levels. It also makes a great learning aid for schools and colleges

The display shows a continuous readout in microsieverts per hour (uSv/hr), counts per minute (CPM) or milliroentgen per hour (mR/h). This can be shown as large font digits, a more comprehensive time-relative multi-line text display or as a continuous moving graph.

There's an audible ‘clicker’ and flashing LED blinker plus the user-set alarm beep that sounds when the count or measurement exceeds a pre-set limit, a built-in real time clock, used to time and date-stamp data, logged at second, minute or hourly intervals and it can store several days worth of readings and user set data (note, location etc.) on its internal flash memory. The display auto rotates, so it can be mounted or used inverted, and there’s a standard mini USB port on the side, along with a 3.5mm jack socket for connection to headphones or an amplifier etc.


Radiation Detection: Beta, Gamma and X-Ray
Detection Method: twin Geiger Müller tubes
Detection Dose Range: 0 ~ 42500uSv/h
Detection CPM Range: 0 ~ 982980 CPM
Detectable Energy Range: 0.1~3.0 MeV
Own Background: 0 - 2 Pulses/s
Working Voltage: 3.2-4.0V
LCD Display: Dot matrix with backlight
Working power: 0.045W - 0.2W
Connections/ports Mini USB, 3.5mm minijack
Power: 3.6v Li-Ion rechargeable battery (included)/USB power
Dimensions: 133 x 76 x 23mm
Weight (inc battery): 168g
Supplied Accessories: wrist strap, Software (mini CD), USB cable

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