Turn your Android* Smartphone or iPhone* into a personal radiation monitor with this tiny (10 x 30mm) detector module. All you have to do is pop it into the earphone socket – it is powered by your phone – and you can start taking readings using free apps - see screenshots - from Google Play (for Android phones) or the Apple App Store (iPhone).

The sub-miniature semiconductor sensor inside the Smart Geiger module is sensitive to both Gamma and X-Ray radiation and the apps display measurements in counts per minute (CPM) and microsieverts per hour (uSv/h); it can operate continuously, or take readings over a preset period (3, 5, 10 or 30 minutes). On some models of smartphone there is also the option of an audio output (click) and/or the screen will flash when an event is detected. The information shown by the companion apps also varies according to the make/model of phone and operating system – search Google Play and Apple App Store for ‘Smart Geiger’ for more details.

Now, for the first time we are supplying, FREE of charge, a 1-metre extension cable, with every Smart Geiger. This lets you take readings remotely without it having to be directly attached to your smartphone. You can also use it to make measurements  in inaccessible places (and discretely) without drawing attention to what you are doing. Don't forget we're also including our handy keyring holder, FREE of course, so your Smart Geiger can always be with you and ready for action. 

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At this point we would dearly like to go into more details about performance sensitivity and accuracy but thanks to the significant technical differences between the numerous smartphones and operating system versions on the market there can be large variations in readings between the various makes and models. In other words Smart Geiger is not going to transform your smartphone into a serious scientific instrument, capable of taking accurate measurements, but it can give you a general indication of local conditions, it responds well to ‘lively’ sources, like old watches and clocks with radium painted dials, and it can alert you to a significant increase over and above normal background levels.

 *Please note that whilst Smart Geiger’s radiation monitoring functions work on most recent Android smartphones and iPhones, not all secondary functions are supported. In particular the audio output may not be available on models that treat the module as a headphone and automatically mute the sound output through the handset’s built-in speaker. We are in the process of compiling a list of models that we have tested it with, so if you are unsure, please ask before ordering. New buyers - please read before purchasing
Here are some useful specs and stats:

  •  App Display parameters: uSv/h, CPM, Count, Timer
  •  Count mode/timer:            Continuous, 3, 5, 10 or 30 minutes
  •  Auto calibration:                 typically less than 1 minute
  •  Additional functions:          audio click, screen flash, screen capture(depends on model)
  •  Measuring range:              0.1 – 200uSv/hr, 1 – 9999 CPM
  •  Accuracy                              <30% (depending on smartphone model)
  •  Measurement error:          +/- 15%
  •  Optimum sample time:      3 minutes
  •  Operating temperature:    -10 – 40 degrees C
  •  Battery:                                  n/a, powered by smartphone
  •  Connection:                          4-pole 3.5mm minijack
  •  Dimensions:                          10 x 30mm
  •  Weight:                                   6 grams
  •  Colour                                    Red
  •  App compatibility:               radiation-monitoring functions on most Android and iOS models, audio may be muted on smartphones which treat module as a headphone
  •  Apps:                                      Download Smart Geiger App, free from Google Play & Apple App Store
  • Outfit Includes SmartGeiger Adaptor & Instructions, Keyring Holder, 1 metre extension cable

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Smart Geiger FSG-001 Smartphone Radiation Monitor Adaptor (with extension cable & keyring holder)

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