It’s the K8 Nuke and no, your eyes are not deceiving you. But how can something that small be any good? Well, US 'First Responders', the California Highway Patrol (CHiPs), Colorado and New Mexico State Police, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue and thousands of safety professionals, law enforcement officers and security personnel certainly think it is.

This marvel of microchip engineering is a fully-fledged radiation monitor and it is really is no larger than an ordinary postage stamp. It’s almost certainly the world’s most sensitive miniature radiological warning device.

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Time to take a closer look. It has three bright LED indicators visible from the top and front. The green one flashes in the presence of radiation, typically once or twice a minute – depending where you are -- due to normal background radiation. The red LED flashes and an audible alarm sounds when the radiation level exceeds 5 mR/Hr (50uSv/h) or more. When the yellow LED flashes it’s time to change the battery, but that doesn’t happen very often as it’s capable of operating continuously for 1500 hours, that’s 60 days or more, on a standard CR2032 battery. On the back there’s a small on/off switch and a fiercely strong spring clip for attaching the monitor to your belt, pocket or lapel. It will not fall off!

This tiny device is designed and built in the US and it uses a solid state silicon-based detector that is sensitive to Gamma and X-Ray radiation in the range 30keV to 6.2Mev.

It’s a serious piece of kit, CE Approved, and it meets NCRP Guidance & Recommendations for Management of Terrorist Events. It also complies with EMC Directive Standards and is tested using NIST traceable sources. It’s tough too; the high impact housing exceeds ANSI 13.27 drop test requirements and it will happily operate between –20 degrees C and + 50 degrees C. If you are still wondering about the size, it measures just 25mm x 39mm x 12mm (1 x 1.5 x 0.475 inches), and tips the scales at only 13g or about 1/2oz and that’s small. The K8 comes with a battery already  fitted, so it's ready to go.

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K8 Nuke Safeguard Miniature Radiation Monitor - LAST FEW LEFT!

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