Our once plentiful stocks of CDV-700s is now almost depleted but don't panic,  we have found a few more in the back of the store room. This iconic Cold War Geiger Counter, seen in countless movies and TV shows, has become a sought after collectable. Best of all, these ones really work!  CDV-700s were manufactured for the United States Civil Defence corps by several different companies throughout the 1960's and 70's. No expense was spared in their design and construction - they were built to survive a nuclear war, after all. They are also very sensitive and will detect natural background radiation, as well as higher levels, up to and including lethal doses...

The instruments  we have here were made by Anton, ENI, Lionel and Victoreen. Common features include plated brass probes with a rotating ‘shield’ for discriminating between beta and gamma sources. The probes are detachable and fit into the carry handle when not in use.  All CDV-700 models use a 6993 Geiger Müller detection tube and have three sensitivity ranges: x1 x 10 & x100, covering 0 –  50 mR/h (millirontgens per hour)  and 0 to 3000 CPM (counts per minute). Readings are shown on the meter set into the top panel, and by connecting a set of headphones or our Mini Sounder Module to the audio jack, - all included in the price - you'll be able to hear the characteristic 'clicks'.

These devices were designed for use by largely untrained personnel in the aftermath of a nuclear detonation, to check for contamination in food and on survivors. We're making no claims as to their accuracy, suitability for use as serious scientific instruments or in health and safety related applications. However, we do guarantee that each unit will be carefully tested and pulse-calibrated before despatch, so they're in full working order and at or close to the original factory spec.

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CDV-700s are powered by readily obtainable 1.5 volt D-Cells. Lionel models require two of them,  Victoreen and ENIs use four and Antons need five cells. With typical intermittent use they can last for weeks, if not months The cases are water resistant and the top part is made from a tough cast alloy. The removable base/battery covers are formed from steel or aluminium and  held in place by two toggle clips.  These units weigh between 1.5kg and 1.8kg  (depending on the model and excluding  batteries) and measure 120 x 215 x 170mm, apart from the slightly smaller Anton 5, which is  205 x 97 x 170mm.

Each outfit comes with one of our exclusive Mini Sounder modules, a headphone adaptor plug with standard 3.5mm jack socket (so it can be used with ordinary headphones or connected to a PC or amplifier) plus a pair of specially adapted high impedance headphones.  We also have limited stocks of the original purpose-designed headphones, available separately on our Geiger Counter Accessories page. Where possible we'll also enclose an original user manual, otherwise you'll receive a copy or a web link to a downloadable pdf of the original.

To hear a CDV-700 through the headphones click HERE
To hear a CDV-700 through the  Mini Sounder Module click HERE

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE STOCK - More being prepared, coming soon

ANTON 5/A6, £280.00

General Condition*: A-

Comments: A few minor scratches and paint chips, some ancient label residue, generally clean interior but crinkly paint in base of bottom cover. 

Anton 5/A7, £300.00

General Condition*: A+

Comments: One of the nicest Anton 5's we've seen. In near mint condition with only a few minor paint chips & scratches. Very clean inside & out.

Anton 6/A4, £300.00

General Condition*: A+

Comments: near mint condition, just a few minor paint chips and label marks.

Victoreen 6B/V8, £265

General Condition*: C+

Comments: Overall good condition though top panel spoilt by poorly matched yellow touch-up paint of a small number of chips and scratches.

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CHECK SOURCES. The original radioactive check source labels have been removed (not by us, and sometimes quite clumsily) from the cases to comply with US export regulations  - so there may be some deeper scratches on that part of the case.  However, we can supply original foil or authentic reproduction check source stickers (both inert) . There's more details on our CDV-700 Parts Store page.

*ALL BUYERS PLEASE READ: General Condition. these vintage instruments have been in long-term storage. However, at regular intervals they were removed and tested and whilst the cases are remarkably tough they can show some signs of wear and tear. We grade then from A+ (almost 'as new')  to C- (quite tatty) - the metalwork underneath the paint will generally be in good condition and free of corrosion, and whatever the cosmetic grade they will be in good working order. 

Unless noted otherwise these instruments are in mostly original, unmodified condition though some components, notably electrolytic capacitors and selenium diodes, are liable to fail after 50 plus years in storage. Where necessary they have been replaced either by more reliable modern components or with original, refurbished parts. 

SPECIAL NOTE FOR BUYERS OUTSIDE THE UK: We offer 2 levels of shipping via insured courier service: 1-2 or 2-5 business days: you can request a shipping quote for your location by using the Contact Us button below.

For more CDV-700 goodies make sure you also see:

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