This is a genuine piece of Cold War memorabilia, highly collectible and it works, too! The Victoreen CDV-700 model 6A was made for the United States Civil Defence corps throughout the 1960's and 70's. No expense was spared in their design and construction - they were built to survive a nuclear war, after all - but they are very sensitive and will detect natural background radiation, as well as higher levels, up to and including lethal doses...

The instrument has a plated brass probe with a rotating ‘shield’ for discriminating between beta and gamma sources. It’s detachable and fits into the carry handle when not in use. The CDV-700 uses a 6993 Geiger Müller detection tube and has four ranges, covering 0 – 0.5, 0 – 5 and 0 – 50 mR/h (millirontgens per hour) with readings shown on the large meter. Be aware that these devices were designed for use by largely untrained personel in the aftermath of a nuclear detonation, to check contamination of food and survivors, so we're making no claims as to their accuracy as serious scientific instruments.

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It is powered by readily obtainable 1.5 volt D-Cells and with normal use they can last for weeks, if not months. The case is water resistant and made from tough cast alloy; the lower cover is held in place by two toggle clips. It weighs approximately 1.5kg (ex batteries) and measures 120 x 210 x 170mm.

The outfit includes one of our exclusive Mini Speakers with LED flasher, a headphone adaptor with standard 3.5mm jack socket, and a pair of specially adapted high impedance headphones. We can also supply a pair of the originaitl purpose-designed headphones as an optional extra - click see our accessories page for more details. Also included is a copy of the original instruction manual plus a carry strap.

To hear it through the headphones click HERE
To hear it through the supplied Mini Speaker click HERE

Please note that the original radioactive check source labels were removed (often clumsily - so there may be scratches) prior to export from the US; we have, however, replaced them with an inert modern facsimile so they look fully authentic.

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All Buyers Please Read: these vintage instruments have been in long-term storage. However, at regular intervals they were removed and tested and whilst the cases are remarkably tough they can show some signs of wear and tear. Typically it is nothing serious, mostly just scratches, scuff marks and paint chips but the metalwork is sound and they are in good working order.

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CDV-700 Classic Cold War Geiger Counter

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