Attention DP-66 owners! We have developed a ‘sounder’ module with a built-in LED flasher and two volume modes, so you can now hear, as well as see your Geiger Counter in action. It’s yet another anythingradioactive exclusive, based on our hugely popular CDV-700 sounder modules and like its stablemate, it overcomes two inherent problems with these vintage instruments. Firstly it provides an audible alternative to the quirky headphones and earphones supplied with these devices, generating a healthy ‘click’ sound that can be easily heard in a noisy environment. By flipping the adaptor plug connections you can switch between full and half volume. Secondly, in addition to he sounder module, the specially-designed 3.5mm jack adaptor also allows a range of other devices to connect to the DP-66's obscure  2-pin socket. You can use it to plug in standard headphones or link it to a range devices, like a hi-fi system or a PC or laptop, running readily obtainable pulse-counting software. It is finished in a matching beige colour with a representation of the Polish Army eagle symbol on the speaker cover.

The sounder and adaptor can be purchased together, or the adaptor can be bought on its own - simply make your selection on the drop-down menu above the Add To Cart button.

Both items are custom made by anythingradioactive and currently produced in relatively small batches. If, as sometimes happens, stock levels run low please allow a little longer for your order to be delivered as it can take a several days for new modules to be prepared.

Please note that the DP-66 show in the photograph is NOT included but it can to be purchased on its own or with a sounder module by clicking HERE.

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DP-66 Mini Sounder Module with LED Flasher & Headphone Adaptor

  • Product Code: DP-66 Sounder Module With LED Flasher & Headhone Adaptor
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