They said it couldn’t be done, but we went ahead and did it anyway! If the Range Switch on your ENI or Victoreen CDV-700 (models 6A & B) is broken or intermittent then we may be able to help. The original switches were not that robust to begin with and after several decades a lot of them are failing or falling apart. The problem is they were specially made for CDV-700s; there are no modern equivalents and vintage replacements have become scarce, and expensive.

Perfectly good CDV-700s have been scrapped for the want of a working switch. We couldn’t allow that to happen any longer, so the eggheads at anythingradioactive developed a direct replacement using modern components. They’re a lot cheaper than a vintage original and less likely to suffer contact problems or fail, thanks to the sealed case.

We’re also working on switches for Anton and Lionel models, more news soon, but at the moment the ones we have in stock are:
ENI Model 6B, S1 part no.100206
Victoreen 6A & B, S1, part no 700-6

Please note that the new range switch does not have a water resistant seal on the shaft and due to differences in the way they work, on some CDV-700s there might be a very slight change in the calibration on some ranges. In practice it should not be noticeable but it can be compensated for using CDV-700’s calibration adjustments.  

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CDV-700 Replacement S1 Range Switch - More coming soon...

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