• CDV-700 Cracked Meter Bezel Repair Kit £16.99 inc UK p&p

In the scheme of things it’s not the end of the world, but cracks, chips and damage to the meter bezel can really spoil the look of a classic, and otherwise pristine, CDV-700 Geiger Counter. The trouble is replacement meters are scarce and expensive but we have a cost effective solution. It’s our exclusive replacement bezel, custom made for most CDV-700 6A/B models made by Anton, ENI, Lionel and Victoreen with a 3.5-inch (88mm) diameter bezel.

You will have to do a little light surgery on the meter after it has been removed from the case.  Basically all you have to do is trim off just over ¼ of an inch or 5mm from the outside edge of the meter bezel. You can use the new bezel as a template, to trace out the trim line with a marker pen. 

It’s not a difficult job, and we recommend using a Dremel type hand power tool with a cutting disc. You can also use a fine-toothed fretsaw, but in both cases the meter needs to be firmly restrained, to avoid stressing the movement or subjecting it to excessive vibration. In other words it’s not the sort of thing you should undertake unless you are confident in your abilities, and we can take no responsibility if you make a hash of it or slice your fingers, so take all of the usual workshop precautions (gloves, safety goggles etc.). 

IMPORTANT: Although the key dimensions of these meters, such as the pitch and spacing of the mounting holes, are the same for all models, we have identified some minor variations in the diameter of the face moulding – see photo. We’re calling them Type A and Type B, so make sure you specify the correct one when ordering, using the CONTACT US button below. On Type A meters the diameter of the face is 2 9/16th inches or 66mm and on Type B meters it is 2 11/16th inches or 70mm.There may well be others sizes we haven’t come across yet; if so let us know and we will produce a custom cut-out for the same price. As an added bonus the kits also include a set of three shiny new mounting screws and a new rubber gasket. (NB meters shown for illustration only and not included)

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CDV-700 Cracked Meter Bezel Repair Kit £16.99 inc UK p&p

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