• CDV-700 Compact Headphone 3.5mm Jack Adaptor

The headphone connector on the CD V-700 (Amphenol 75-PC-1M in case you were wondering…) can be a real problem for anyone who doesn’t have a set of original headphones fitted with the necessary plug, or simply wants to connect their Geiger Counter to an amplified speaker or computer.

Our original and exclusive purpose-designed headphone jack adaptor proved very popular that's now smaller and even easier to use. Simply screw it onto the CD V-700 connector and plug in almost any modern headphones, earphones or connecting cable, fitted with a standard 3.5mm jack plug (mono or stereo).

The adaptor measures approximately 30mm in height and has been configured to fit all models of CD V-700’s (Anton, ENI, Lionel and Victoreen).

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CDV-700 Compact Headphone 3.5mm Jack Adaptor

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