• Hi-Z 700, High Impedance Headphones

Here’s another anythingradioactive exclusive for CDV-700 owners. As you probably know the original CDV-700 high impedance headsets are now well over 40 years old and easily damaged. They are no longer manufactured and replacements have become scarce (though we still have a few in stock) but what’s really needed is an inexpensive modern replacement.

With one of our jack adaptors you can use a pair of ordinary personal stereo headphones, but due to the very large impedance mis-match (the original headphone is around 1000 ohms, modern ones are generally between 16 - 40 ohms) the volume tends to be low, and there is a chance of damaging the audio output stage on some CDV-700s.

Our specially commissioned lightweight Hi-Z phones use piezo sounders, instead of magnetic elements and this solves both problems. There’s plenty of volume, dare we say even a little louder than the original headset, and there's two earpieces instead of one, plus the very high impedance means that there is no chance of damaging your precious CDV-700. The only downside is that they sound a bit tinny on personal stereos, but to make sure you don’t get them mixed up with your best pair of Beats, we’ve put a distinctive CD logo on each earpiece.

Brief specs:

  • Weight 54g
  • Lead length 1.1metres
  • Standard 3.5mm jack plug
  • Impedance > 10M.

Please note the style of the Hi-Z headphones may vary slightly from the one shown in the photograph.

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Hi-Z 700, High Impedance Headphones

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