• 2 Mode Pocket Magnifier Torch (30X, 60X - JUST 1 LEFT IN STOCK

Get up close and personal with your uranium glass, radium watch hands and luminescent rock samples, or use this powerful pocket magnifier to check the ‘invisible’ security markings on banknotes and credit cards. It has 1001 other uses as well, with two high quality lenses giving a magnification of 30X and 60X plus two built-in sources of illumination.

There’s an ultraviolet (UV) LED and a bright white LED. It’s housed in a compact and convenient pocket-sized slide-open case. The magnifier module extends and switches the selected illuminator on automatically when it is opened. Power comes from three readily available and long-lasting LR1130 button cells; a small slide switch selects UV or white LED. We will also throw in 1 of our deep green Uranium marbles to light up...

Some vital statistics: It measures 63 x 40 x 22mm and weighs just 51 grams, and comes complete with a handy wrist lanyard and a set of three button cells.

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2 Mode Pocket Magnifier Torch (30X, 60X - JUST 1 LEFT IN STOCK

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