Nuclear Nugget Archives

Welcome to our Nuclear Nugget Archives.

Over the past 10 years we have been collecting weird,wonderful and downright scary tales from various news sites, regarding every aspect of radioactivity around the world.

We were feeling all nostalgic here at anythingradioactive recently so we thought we'd set up and archive to keep them all in!!

Amongst our favourites are such delights as US residents living near nuclear plants complaining that warning siren tests are just too darn loud and upsetting their cattle; or how about this one - a while back, a US Senator came up with a plan to store uranium in the Grand Canyon (yes, really!) leading to the classic comment of 'It's the Grand Canyon, stupid!!'

If you think that's bad, try this one: America again, I'm afraid to say - but a few years ago, some bright spark thought that another good place to bury spent waste was underneath a US Air Force bombing range in the desert...

There are many more tales that will leave you astounded, amazed or downright scared - but they are all true! My heartfelt thanks goes to the many, many journalists here, in the USA especially and around the world who took the time to report all these weird and wonderful stories. 

If you are strong enough to read on, then well done - if not, just suit-up, head for the hills and we'll see you in the bunker!

For those of you with a stronger constitution - just click on the links to find out more...



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