• GMC-320 PrepSponder Kit

Be Prepared, and ready to Respond! It’s fully self-contained, ready to use, and stored in its own custom fitted, super tough, water resistant polypropylene carry case.

The outfit includes the outstanding GMC-320 Plus (V4) Geiger counter, complete with rechargeable battery, mains and in-car chargers, USB data/charger lead and PC software for downloading recorded data and continuous monitoring. We have also included a 66-metre roll of ‘Caution Radioactive Material’ adhesive backed tape, an 8-metre roll of ‘Radiation Area’ warning tape plus a pack of 100 x 100mmRadioactive warning symbol stickers.

There are two torches; the first one is our exclusive 95-LED UV ‘Ultra Beast’, complete with a pair of UV protective safety glasses and three Uranium Glass gems. Torch number two is our multi-function, 3-in-one15-LED model. It is switchable between bright white, UV and a red laser pointer, and to make sure you won’t be left in the dark if the balloon goes up, the kit also includes a full set of new long-life batteries for the 95 LED model.

For more information about the individual components just click on the links. For the record the external dimensions of the case are: 470 x 357 x 176 and it tips the scales at 4.5 kg. (Total saving - £50.00)

The price includes courier shipping to UK addresses only; we can provide a shipping quote for overseas destinations on request, just Contact Us below - be warned: due to its size and weight it will be expensive!

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GMC-320 PrepSponder Kit

  • Product Code: GMC-320 PrepSponder Kit
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