These exquisite miniature paperweights feature two Radium-painted watch hands, encapsulated in crystal clear resin. One is a genuine antique, probably made between the turn of the last century and the 1930s, the other is a NOS (new old stock) hand, a spare part, never used and possibly made in the late 50s or 60s. The radium paint used in their manufacture is only mildly radioactive, and  securely contained by the resin (though weak emissions may still be detected using highly sensitive instruments.

There are two shapes to chose from - one hemispherical in shape (30 x 12mm) or rectangular (40 x 30 x 4mm). Both come with one of our small keyring UV torches so you can see the hands glow in the dark.

Please  use the Contact Us link below to let us know which style you would like when ordering.

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Mini Watch Hand Paperweight

  • Product Code: Radium Painted Mini Watch Hand Paperweight
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